The Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum has this month published a draft plan to shape land development in the area and is seeking comments from the community.

Map of street improvements.
Proposals to reduce through traffic and improve the environment in Langham Street and Foley Street. Source: Fitzrovia West Public Realm Improvements, report September 2018.

The five-point plan sets out priorities for retaining a mixed community and more affordable housing, improving and creating new green space, supporting small businesses, improving air quality, and reducing through traffic while enabling active transport and easier access to the neighbourhood.

“The plan has to pass through a number of stages before it becomes part of the statutory planning process and is then used as an important guide when the Council decides on planning applications,” says Nick Bailey of the Fitzrovia West Forum in an article for Fitzrovia News.

“It also enables us to set out our priorities and inform officers and councillors about what improvements are needed in the future.”

The Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with Westminster Council’s City Plan, The London Plan, national planning policy, and will have to be approved by a ballot of both residents and business owners in the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Area.

To support the plan, the forum has published a public realm study to help visualise some of the environmental improvements that can be achieved.

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