A street artist has mocked US President Donald Trump on the eve of his arrival in the UK for a three-day state visit.

Caricature of Donald Trump shagging Statue of Liberty
Street artist Loretto’s comment on Donald Trump’s UK state visit.

The artist who goes by the moniker Loretto stencil-painted four satirical images on a boarded-up, disused building on the corner of Great Portland Street and Carburton Street in Fitzrovia over the weekend. Trump landed in the UK this morning.

The artist was caught on camera by a CBS reporter on Sunday. Simon Dingley said trump was being “mocked publicly”.

Trump posing for cameras.
The cameras are focused on Trump while a dead child is ignored.

The images show a caricature of Trump shagging the Statue of Liberty, wearing a superman outfit with a turd emoji beneath his suit, and appearing half-naked in front of photographers with a dead child to one side.

A series of four mocking images of Donald Trump.
Loretto corners Trump as he arrives in UK.

However, shortly after the images were painted, Loretto’s work was daubed in paint and sprayed by person’s unknown.

Loretto has previously stencilled images on the streets of Fitzrovia.