A group campaigning for an end to the harassment of pregnant people outside abortion clinics nationwide is gathering evidence in order to create a safe zone around a health centre in Whitfield Street, Fitzrovia.

Man standing outside women's clinic.
A man stands outside the Marie Stopes clinic on Whitfield street in February.

Many residents and workers in Fitzrovia would have noticed the sometimes large numbers of people holding a “vigil” opposite the Central London Marie Stopes Clinic on Whitfield Street and usually one or two people standing right outside.

Fitzrovia News has many times seen men standing outside the clinic as the photograph we took recently demonstrates. Many people would see this as a case of men seeking to have control over women’s bodies.

Now a group called Sister Supporter is collecting first-hand accounts as evidence of the traumatic effects the clinic “vigils” have on women seeking health care.

Sister Supporter successfully petitioned Ealing council in 2018 which resulted in a Public Space Protection Order around the clinic. Anyone who breaches the order could face a fine or imprisonment.

Now the group want Camden council to do the same for the Whitfield Street clinic and are asking women to submit their personal accounts of harassment by filling out a form on their website. Later this year they will submit evidence to Camden and ask for a safe zone to be implemented.