Westminster City Council is seeking views on making the current temporary closure of Riding House Street at the junction with Cleveland Street permanent, and making a number of other changes to the street layout.

Riding House Street looking west from the junction with Cleveland Street. Westminster council is proposing a pedestrian- and cycle-only zone outside All Souls Primary School.

The council says it is seeking to improve the eastern end of Riding House Street by formalising the existing temporary closure to benefit the school, local residents and businesses. There would be no access to motorised traffic except for emergency vehicles in this section.

The existing zebra crossing and railings would be removed and bollards installed preventing motor vehicles from driving or parking outside All Souls Primary School. The proposal also includes greenery, seating and cycle parking.

Riding House Street. Changes to the street layout are proposed.

“The scheme aligns with the City Council’s Air Quality Manifesto to create clean emission zones outside/around all schools in Westminster, the Active Streets Programme for local residents and communities, and strategy for open spaces and biodiversity. Creating a pedestrian and cycle zone on Riding House Street ensures that ‘physical activity is built in by default at our open spaces, supporting people to be physically active where, when and how they choose,” says the council in a letter to local residents and businesses.

WCC has commissioned FM Conway Ltd, the City Council’s Highways service provider, to undertake a consultation. The deadline for responding to this is 10 March 2020. Please send any comments or responses by email to rhs@fmconway.co.uk with the subject title of “Riding House Street Consultation”.

Consultation documents: Consultation Letter – Riding House Street v3.0 (pdf); CSWWES1039-CON-01 rev A (pdf).