The leaders of both local councils serving Fitzrovia have appealed for volunteers and have announced that many services they offer will need to change in response the the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay at home.

Cllr Rachael Robathan, leader, Westminster City Council, wrote to community organisations to say: “We have contingency plans in place to keep essential services running which means, for example, focusing on looking after the elderly and children, as well as continuing to deliver our essential daily services.

“It’s inevitable that some services will need to change as we follow the Government’s clear advice for people to avoid non-essential contact and we focus our resources to those service areas where you would expect us to, continuing to ensure the most vulnerable in our community are well looked after. We’ll make sure those who are deemed the most vulnerable and in need of support will be proactively contacted and helped,” she said.

The council is co-ordinating a city-wide community effort and asking people to contact them if they want to volunteer to help

For the latest information for residents in Westminster see Westminster council’s web page.

Cllr Georgia Gould, leader, Camden council said:

“We have robust plans in place to keep vital services running during this period, in particular care for older people and those with disabilities. We will be managing our workforce in a sensible way, and according to national guidance, to ensure we remain resilient. We will be flexible and are prepared to work differently if necessary to support our residents.

“We will mobilise the huge community spirit which exists in Camden. I have received many emails over the last few days asking how you can help your neighbours to keep them safe and supported at this time. Camden already has so many voluntary and community organisations, faith groups and tenant and resident associations with long-standing community relationships and experience of getting things done. We are working closely with them to support mutual aid networks in communities. Anyone who feels they can help can sign up to volunteer.

For the latest information for residents in Camden see Camden council’s web page

Latest UK government information and advice on the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.