Nickie Aiken’s Bill to regulate pedicabs in London, due to be presented on Tuesday 21 April when Parliament opened, had to be postponed due to MPs having to take time to debate setting up a “virtual Parliament”.

Commons business.
The Pedicabs (London) Bill will have its first reading at a later date.

The MP for Cities of London and Westminster said: “I was due to present my Bill to the House today. Unfortunately, it was confirmed to me that this would not be happening until further notice. The presentation of Private Member’s Bills has been suspended to allow for the Parliamentary Authorities to pass legislation to establish a Virtual Parliament.”

Parliament’s focus will now be on urgent statements and questions to hold the government to account and focusing attention on responding to coronavirus.

“This is not the end for my Pedicabs Bill. I have been told by the authorities that I will be given time to present it as soon as Parliament begins debating Private Member’s Bills again,” she told constituents.

Her Bill is in response to residents groups concerns about some pedicab drivers’ behaviour in the West End.

However, pedicab operators Pedal Me and Veluba said they are keen to engage with Aiken about regulation.

“We’re sure @NickieAiken_MP would support what we’re doing with highly trained staff with externally accredited assessments, DBS checks, registration of bikes and checks and balances in place. Nicky — when could we speak, to ensure you’re up to speed on best practice?” said Pedal Me on Twitter.

Veluba said on Twitter: “We fully support the regulation of pedicabs and would love to talk about how we ensure we provide a safe, fully insured, and fairly priced way to travel around London. Let’s set up a conversation.”

If the Bill is passed into law it would allow Transport for London to regulate pedal cycles and electrically-assisted pedal cycles to carry fare-paying passengers.