There were 24 planning applications registered by Camden Council in Bloomsbury ward during August 2020. They were mostly small applications, pavement licences (PVL) and one major planning application at 247 Tottenham Court Road.

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To view the applications and make a comment, use the monthly list below and the links to the full application on the council website. There is a limited time to submit comments. If you have trouble with the link not working, use the application reference number and search Camden’s planning website. The monthly list we publish is pulled from the council’s website and is correct at the time of publication.

Application NumberSite AddressDevelopment DescriptionStatusDate RegisteredDecision
2020/3934/PVLCaffe Nero 239-240 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 7QP6 tables and 12 chairs, Monday to Sunday 08:00-21:00 New Application formREGISTERED28-08-2020
2020/3835/PVLHCP Gelati ltd 21 Goodge Street London W1T 2PJ3 Tables and 6 Chairs Monday to Saturday 12;00-23:00 Sunday 12:00-22:00 New applicationFINAL DECISION24-08-2020Granted
2020/3816/PVLAndreas Restaurant Ltd 40 Charlotte Street London W1T 2NW6 Tables, 12 Chairs, 2 Barriers and 2 Umbrellas Monday – Saturday 12:00-22:30 Sunday 12:00-21:30 New ApplicationREGISTERED21-08-2020
2020/3804/PVLBlacksheep Coffee 5-7 Goodge Street London W1T 2PD4 Tables, 8 Chairs and 2 Barriers Monday – Friday 08:00-18:00, Saturday 08:00 to 18:30 Sunday 08:00 to 1700 New ApplicationFINAL DECISION21-08-2020Granted
2020/3277/P29 Tottenham Street London W1T 4RPAlterations to and enlargement of rear ventilation extract duct.REGISTERED21-08-2020
2020/3791/PVLCaffe Nero 126 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 5AT6 Tables, 12 Chairs and 2 Barriers Monday – Sunday 08:00 to 21:00 New applicationREGISTERED20-08-2020
2020/3412/A60 Charlotte Street London W1T 2NUInstallation of external vinyl advertisements to ground and first floor glazing on Charlotte Street and Scala Street elevations.REGISTERED20-08-2020
2020/3652/PVL(as part of W|arren Streeteary) Honey and Co 25a Warren St London W1T 5LZ4 tables and 8 chairs Monday to Friday 08:00-22:30 Saturday 09;30-22;30 New applicationFINAL DECISION14-08-2020Granted
2020/3646/PVL(part of Warren Streeteary) Honey and Spice 52 Warren St London W1t 5NJ3 Tables and 6 Chairs Monday to Friday 08:00-22:30 Saturday 09;30-22;30FINAL DECISION14-08-2020Granted
2020/3351/L41- 43 Grafton Way London W1T 5DGVarious repointing and repair works to roofs, elevations, rainwater goods and terraced areas; replacement of deck and water proof coverings.REGISTERED14-08-2020
2020/3583/P247 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7HH; 3 Bayley Street, London, WC1B 3HA; 1 Morwell Street, London, WC1B 3AR; 2-3 Morwell Street, London, WC1B 3AR; and 4 Morwell Street, London, W1T 7QT.Demolition of 247 Tottenham Court Road, 3 Bayley Street, 1 Morwell Street, 2-3 Morwell Street and 4 Morwell Street and the erection of a mixed use office led development comprising ground plus five storey building for office (Class B1) use, flexible uses at ground and basement (Class A1/A2/A3/B1/D1/D2), residential (Class C3) use, basement excavation, provision of roof terraces, roof level plant equipment and enclosures, cycle parking, public realm and other associated works.REGISTERED13-08-2020
2020/3569/L29 Conway Street London W1T 6BWInternal alterations including new partition and door arrangement between the basement and third floors associated with the change of use of the existing 18Bed HMO (sui-generis) into 13Bed HMO (sui-generis) units.REGISTERED13-08-2020
2020/3065/AFormer Odeon Site and Rosenheim Building 25 Grafton Way London WC1E 6DBDisplay of 4 information monoliths around perimeter of building (junction of Grafton Way and Tottenham Court Road, Grafton Way entrance, Huntley Street and junction of Beaumont Place and Grafton Way); 2 signs to flanking walls of Huntley Street / Grafton Way Entrance; and 1 sign to ‘drop off entrance’ on Grafton Way; all signs to be non-illuminated.REGISTERED13-08-2020
2020/3148/P29 Conway Street London W1T 6BWInternal alterations associated with the change use of the existing 18 Bed HMO units (sui-generis) into 13 Bedroom HMO units between the basement and third floors.REGISTERED11-08-2020
2020/3079/L33 Fitzroy Square London W1T 6EUReplacement of two decorative medallions to the front elevation.REGISTERED10-08-2020
2020/2958/L53 Bedford Square London WC1B 3DPProvision of replacement timber door in place of unauthorised modern metal door in front basement area access to house .REGISTERED09-08-2020
2020/3514/PVLROKA ( part of Charlotte Streeteary) 37 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London Post Code W1T 1RR5 Tables, 20 Chairs and 4 Plant Pots Monday to Saturday 12:00-23:00 Sunday 12:00-22:00 New ApplicationFINAL DECISION06-08-2020Granted
2020/3498/PVLCourt 108A Tottenham Court Road London W1T 5AA4Tables, 12 Chairs Monday to Saturday 09:00-23:00 Sunday 09:00-22:00 New applicationFINAL DECISION06-08-2020Granted
2020/3384/L6 Fitzroy Square London W1T 5DXAlterations to roof parapet gutters, associated rainwater goods and flashings.REGISTERED06-08-2020
2020/3197/P183-193 Euston Road London NW1 2BEReplacement of the existing rear exit on Gower Place into the Wellcome Collection. New double entrance door into the main building, accessible ramp and staircase, installation of dual height video intercoms and minor works to the pavement. Removal of stone staircase, double door and stone and metal parapet wall.REGISTERED05-08-2020
2020/3463/A33-37 University Street London WC1E 6JNDisplay of non-illuminated projecting sign and illuminated lighting channel above the front elevation canopy.REGISTERED04-08-2020
2020/3453/TCPaStation 76 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 2HG6 Tables, 12 Chaiors and 13 Planters Monday to Thursday 08:00 – 23:00 Friday to Saturday 08:00 – 23:30 Sunday 08:00 – 22;30REGISTERED04-08-2020
2020/2682/P33-37 University Street London WC1E 6JNAlterations to the ground floor elevation including the alteration of existing building entrances and enlargement of the existing window openings; installation of a canopy and signage above the ground floor.REGISTERED04-08-2020
2020/3433/PVLPart Of Charlotte Street Streeteary Ampeli 18 Charlotte Street W1T 2LZ3 Tables and 6 Chairs Monday to saturday 11:00-23:00 Sunday 11;00-22:00 New applicationFINAL DECISION03-08-2020Granted

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