Camden Council is creating a number of cycle contraflows in streets either side of Tottenham Court Road to allow people cycling to move more easily through the area.

Cycle contraflow sign.
One-way for motor vehicles two-way for cycles.

Bedford Avenue, Grafton Way, Tottenham Street, Warren Street, and Windmill Street will all have changes made to allow two-way cycling on all or part of the street and there will also be changes made to waiting and loading restrictions, states a report and decision by the director of environment and sustainability published this month.

“Many streets in the borough are one-way and links between streets on desired routes and Camden’s cycle network are severed by infrastructure, traffic restrictions or highly trafficked major roads,” states the report.

“The cycle permeability programme aims to make more Camden streets more accessible to cyclists and provide better connections and links through measures such as cycle contra-flow routes on one-way streets and cut-throughs at physical road closures.”

A number of one-way streets in Fitzrovia already have cycling contraflows

The proposals require amendments to existing traffic orders to allow contra-flow cycling on one-way streets and changes to waiting and loading restrictions. The schemes will proceed under Experimental Traffic Orders (ETOs) for a trial period of up to 18 months.

“During the trial period officers will monitor the schemes and the public can provide feedback. This will inform a later decision as to whether the proposals should be made permanent or not,” says the report.

Construction on the schemes is due to start on 30 November 2020.

Camden Council report: Covid-19: Enabling Safer Travel in Camden – Cycle Permeability Programme 2020/21 Phase 2 proposals. Details of the schemes across the borough and how to respond can be found at the Making Travel Safer in Camden Covid-19 pages.