Motorcyclists travelling into Westminster but parking across the boundary in Camden to avoid paying a parking fee won’t be able to so in future if changes by Camden Council to parking charges go ahead next year.

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Neighbouring Westminster has for a long time charged motorcyclists (not very much) for on-street parking and now Camden is proposing to do the same, along with reviewing other parking permits and fees.

“One way we plan to reduce pollution and improve local air quality, is to reduce the number of high carbon emission and diesel vehicles in the borough and to encourage residents to use more sustainable ways of travel,” says Camden.

“We are proposing to increase the additional charge for diesel vehicles, as well as making changes to paid-for parking charges, car clubs and doctors’ permit prices including the introduction of emissions-based charging levels.

“We are also proposing amending motorcycle parking charges, including charging for solo motorcycle bays for the first time in Camden. We anticipate these proposed changes will help improve the air quality in Camden by reducing vehicle emissions, and contribute towards our climate goals, discouraging inessential car use and encouraging people to seek out more sustainable modes of transport when getting around or visiting the borough,” says Camden.

Any comments on the proposals can be made before 18 December 2020 and will be included in a report to Cabinet for consideration in February 2021.

Camden Council: Proposed changes to parking permits and charges.