A brief, heavy snowfall across London was washed away as quickly¬†as it came by sleet on Sunday. But for many the fleeting winter wonderland made for a welcome and fun change of scenery for lockdown walks in Fitzrovia and The Regent’s Park.

Someone walking along a street with an umbrella through snowfall.
Walking with an umbrella along Warren Street as snow falls. Photo: A M Hanson.
A bright yellow umbrella stands out on a cold wintry day in The Regent’s Park. Photo: A M Hanson.
A girl climbs a tree and poses for a photo.
Posing for a photo on a snow-covered tree. Photo: A M Hanson.
Playing in the snow and making a figure out of snow.
There was enough snowfall to make a snow pal. Photo: A M Hanson.
A couple walking in the snow along a street in Fitzrovia.
A couple make their own tracks in the snow on Warren Street. Photo: A M Hanson.

A M Hanson is a London based artist and photographer. His new work and an updating archive, with information about publications and shows, can be viewed at www.amhanson.co.uk