Outdoor eating and drinking in a Soho street.
Outdoor eating and drinking is expected to return from 12 April. Photo: Westminster City Council.

Outdoor eating and drinking schemes are returning this summer when restaurants, pubs and bars are expected to re-open to customers seated outside from 12 April 2021, the earliest date possible under the government’s lockdown-easing timetable.

The temporary outdoor scheme, where hospitality businesses can apply for a licence to place tables and chairs in the carriageway, will remain throughout the summer months until the end of September.

Westminster Council has been accepting applications since 23 February. Camden Council has yet to formally announce its scheme, but is accepting applications.

The following pavement licence applications have been lodged with Westminster City Council and Camden Council in Fitzrovia:

Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Kin Cafe 22 Foley Street London W1W 6DT
Ref. No: 21/03875/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Mohammad Malekzadeh
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Clipstone Restaurant Ground Floor East Bolsover House 5 – 6 Clipstone Street London W1W 6BB
Ref. No: 21/03853/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr William Lander
Tables & Chairs – Pavement renewal The Cock Tavern 27 Great Portland Street London W1W 8QE
Ref. No: 21/03463/STTCPF | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Mark Butler
Tables & Chairs – Pavement renewal Yorkshire Grey 46 Langham Street London W1W 7AX
Ref. No: 21/03473/STTCPF | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Mark Butler
Tables & Chairs – Pavement renewalEl & N Basement And Ground Floor 9-10 Market Place London W1W 8AQ
Ref. No: 21/03492/STTCPF | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Ms Velieda Kicullen
Tables & Chairs – Pavement renewalVagabond Wines 25 Charlotte Street London W1T 1RW
Ref. No: 21/03538/STTCPF | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: – – –
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Fugazzina Basement And Ground Floor 104 Great Portland Street London W1W 6PE
Ref. No: 21/03439/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Roberto Bertuccelli
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence Arrosqd 64 Eastcastle Street London W1W 8NQ
Ref. No: 21/03346/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Leonard Hoxha
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Meraki 80 – 82 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7QT
Ref. No: 21/02530/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr – –
Tables & Chairs – Pavement renewalMac & Wild Fitzrovia Ground Floor 65 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7PS
Ref. No: 21/03190/STTCPF | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr George Collyer
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Sergios Restaurant 84-84A Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7QY
Ref. No: 21/02876/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Chris Simpson
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Pali Hill Basement And Ground Floor 79-81 Mortimer Street London W1W 7SJ
Ref. No: 21/02492/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr G.l.restaurants Ltd G.l.restaurants Ltd
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Riding House Cafe 43-51 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7PQ
Ref. No: 21/02293/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Adam White
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Ole & Steen 46-49 Eastcastle Street London W1W 8DZ
Ref. No: 21/02086/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mrs Danish Bake Uk Limited Danish Bake Uk Limited
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Market Place 11 – 13 Market Place London W1W 8AH
Ref. No: 21/02479/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr George Joseph
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Charlotte Street Hotel 15-17 Charlotte Street London W1T 1RJ
Ref. No: 21/01572/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mrs Julie Barry
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Riding House Cafe Ltd 43-51 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7PQ
Ref. No: 21/01554/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Adam White
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence  Crudo Cevicheria Basement And Ground Floor 35 Riding House Street London W1W 7EA
Ref. No: 21/01515/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Carlos Socorro
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence Kaffeine 66 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7QJ
Ref. No: 21/01340/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Peter Dore-smith
Tables & Chairs – Pavement Licence Caravan Fitzrovia Basement And Ground Floor Yalding House 152 – 156 Great Portland Street London W1W 6QA
Ref. No: 21/01347/STTCPL | Status: Pending Decision | Applicant Name: Mr Nicholas Perry
2021/1863/PVLBlack Sheep Coffee 5-7 Goodge Street Fitzrovia London W1T 2PD4 Tables, 8 Chairs and 2 Barriers Monday-Sunday 08:00-18:30 New ApplicationREGISTERED19-04-2021
2021/1851/PVLAl Dente 51 Goodge Street London W1T 1TG5 Tables and 10 Chairs Monday-Sunday 11:00-22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED16-04-2021
2021/1706/PVLHouse of Ho 1 Percy Street London W1T 1DB4 Tables, 10 Chairs, 2 Barriers, 1 Umbrella and 2 Heaters Monday-Sunday 11:00-22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED09-04-2021
2021/1703/PVLGreggs 92 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 4TL5 Tables, 15 Chairs and 7 Barriers Monday-Saturday 08:00-18:00 Sunday 09:00-17:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED09-04-2021
2021/1679/TCRadisson Blu Edwardian Grafton Hotel 130 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 5AY7 Tables, 14 Chairs and 4 Planters to be placed in the Parking bay outside the premises on 6-7 Warren Street Monday to Saturday 12:00 – 23:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED08-04-2021
2021/1579/PVLThe Grafton Arms Pubs and Rooms 72 Grafton Way London W1T 5DU2 Tables, 4 Chairs and 1 Barrier Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED01-04-2021
2021/1572/PVLFive Guys 264 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 7RQ6 Tables, 12 Chairs and 4 Barriers Monday to Saturday 11:00- 23:00 Sunday 11:00- 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED01-04-2021
2021/1525/PVLMikel Coffee Company Ltd 93 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 4HL5 Tables and 10 Chairs Monday – Sunday 08:00 – 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED30-03-2021
2021/1518/PVLArverni Restaurants Ltd t/a Cafa Deco 43 Store Street London WC1E 7DB5 Tables and 10 Chairs Monday to Saturday 10:00 23:00 Sunday 10:00 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED30-03-2021
2021/1506/PVLCrepe Coffee Chai 260 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 7RF11 Tables and 22 Chairs Monday – Sunday 08:00 – 20:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED29-03-2021
2021/1488/PVLFlower Burger 43 Charlotte Street Fitzrovia London W1T1RS4 Tables, 8 Chairs Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 23:00 Sunday 10:00-22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED29-03-2021
2021/1052/PVLBusaba Eathai Thai Restaurant 22 Store Street London WC1E 7DF12 Tables, 24 Chairs and 6 Barriers Monday to Saturday 11:00 – 23:00 Sunday 11:00 to 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED09-03-2021
2021/0868/PVLSpaghetti House 15-17 Goodge Street London W1T 2PQ7 Tables, 14 Chairs, 3 Barriers and 6 Planters on Goodge Street 3 Tables, 6 Chairs and 1 Planters on Whitfield Street Monday-Saturday 10:00 to 23:00 Sunday 10:00 to 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED27-02-2021
2021/1400/PVLKazu Japanese Restaurant 64 Charlotte Street London W1T 4QD3 Tables, 6 Chairs, 2 Barriers and 1 Umbrella Monday to Saturday 12:00 – 22:30 Sunday 12:00 – 22:00 New ApplicationREGISTERED24-03-2021

This list will be updated when new applications are made.

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