Front of building facing Scala Street.
A drone operator was seen on a roof facing Scala Street.

The hunt is on for a drone seen hovering outside bedroom windows near Charlotte Street. 

Despite strict rules on flying “spies-in-the-skies,” a bright yellow version was launched from the roof of an office building at around Five PM on a Tuesday evening in April. 

Walking along Scala Street FN writer Guy O’Connell said he first heard the buzzing before looking up to see a group of men on the third floor roof at 60 Charlotte Street. 

“One of them was leaning on the far eastern handrail and was operating the drone,” said O’Connell.

If you use these devices where people can expect privacy, such as inside their home or garden, you’re likely to be breaking data protection laws.

“We’re asking the building owners to find their snooper and pass on a message,”  said O’Connell. “The message is: Buzz Off Peeping Tom!”