Outdoor eating and drinking in a gazebo on Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia.
Gazebo gourmet on Charlotte Street. Camden Council wants people’s views on ‘streateries’.

Love them or loathe them (or somewhere in between) Camden Council wants to hear your views on its outdoor eating and drinking scheme known as “streateries”.

“Covid-19 has changed how we are able to use cafes, restaurants and pubs. So to help the hospitality sector re-open safely, Camden has created Streateries throughout the borough,” says the council.

“A Streatery is a car free outdoor dining space for restaurants, cafes and other businesses to place tables and chairs and so that pedestrians can pass safely all while maintaining social distancing,” says Camden.

Camden created the streateries scheme last year. The decision on allowing outside eating and drinking recognised the possible unintended consequences of the plans.

“There is concern that outdoor dining can lead to noise and disturbance on the street, especially in the later part of the evening, therefore it is necessary to achieve balance between helping businesses to recover, and providing more capacity to support walking and cycling as well as protecting residents’ interests,” says a Camden report included with the decision signed off by Bloomsbury ward councillor and cabinet member Adam Harrison.

Currently the streateries are temporary but they could be extended or even become permanent. If they are made permanent then alternative uses for the public space for pavement widening, cycle parking or tree planting and greenery would be prevented.

The existing streateries in Fitzrovia are at Charlotte Street, Goodge Street, Cleveland Street, and Warren Street and are all located in controlled on-street parking spaces, where the parking has been allocated elsewhere or removed. There has been no closure of the carriageway to traffic.

Now the council wants to hear the public’s views on the scheme.

Public consultation: Share your views on Camden’s Streateries.