Image showing salary of Oxford Street District council officer Elad Eisenstein. Spot salary - £220,000.
Senior council officer salaries are published by Westminster Council. Image: Westminster Council.

The “Oxford Street District” programme director was the council’s highest paid employee, Westminster Council documents have revealed.

Elad Eisenstein was paid a £220,000 salary, even higher than the chief executive of the council who has a £217,545 salary.

Eisenstein’s role was to work with residents, businesses and other stakeholders to deliver the Oxford Street District Scheme and which included the Marble Arch Mound.

Appointed in October 2020 he resigned a year later after the cost of the Mound soared from £2m to £6m, and after the Oxford Street Distrct project was paused when it was criticised by residents groups in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour city management spokesperson, said the Conservative council leader, Cllr Rachael Robathan, “needs to explain why she signed off such an enormous salary.”

The salaries of senior officers are published by Westminster Council.