View of Carburton Street looking west toward Great Portland Street.
Carburton Street. The street is now in the West End ward along with the whole of Fitzrovia West. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

The 2022 local elections are rapidly approaching with little more than a month to go until polling stations open. On Thursday 5 May voters will head to the polls to pick out the councillors that will represent them for the next four years.

In Westminster, a total of 162 candidates will go head to head for 54 seats in 18 wards. This time around, the number of wards in the borough has decreased from 20 to 18, and the total number of councillors will decrease from 60 to 54.

The council has always been Tory and currently, there are 41 conservative councillors and 19 Labour councillors in opposition.

The final list of candidates was published this week and reveal that the Conservative and Labour Parties are putting forward candidates for every seat, while the Liberal Democrats are standing in 51 seats.

There are also four Green candidates and one independent candidate.

Local residents will be considering the future of the West End and how effectively the council has managed the day-to-day running of services as they head to the polling stations. The £6million overspending of the Marble Arch Mound and the future of Oxford Street may also influence voters.

The full list of candidates for the West End ward (which includes the whole of Fitzrovia West) is as follows:

Tim Barnes (Con); George Coelho (Lib Dem); Paul Fisher (Lab); Patrick Lilley (Lab); Eoghain Murphy (Con); Julie Redmond (Con); Sophie Taylor (Lib Dem); Jessica Toale (Lab); Jonah Wiesz (Lib Dem).

Information about the upcoming elections for Westminster City Council.