Westminster black bin. Used to illustrate public consultations in Westminster part of Fitzrovia.

Westminster Council validated 13 planning applications in the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association amenity society area during June 2022.

Included among the monthly list is an application for: alterations at 214 Oxford Street, and 93 Mortimer Street; a roof extension at Malvern House 15-16 Nassau Street; roof alterations at 29 Foley Street; air conditioning units at 12 Great Portland Street.

There is an appeal against a decision to refuse permission for air condition units at 10 Ogle Street.

The Planning Inspectorate also dismissed an appeal against a decision by Westminster Council to refuse an application for a roof extension at 22 Foley Street.

To view the applications and make a comment, use the monthly list below and the links to the full application on the council website. There is a limited time to submit comments. If you have trouble with the link not working, use the application reference number and search Westminster’s planning website. The monthly list we publish is pulled from the council’s website and is correct at the time of publication.

Residents in the Westminster part of Fitzrovia can also seek advice on planning applications by contacting the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (email: fna@fitzrovia.org.uk).


Address of site to which the appeal relates: 10 Ogle Street, London, W1W 6HT
Proposed development: Installation of 3 air conditioning units surrounded by an acoustic enclosure at main roof level.
Appellant’s name: Elena Paitra
Appeal reference number: APP/X5990/D/22/3300086
Appeal starting date: 21.06.2022
Westminster Council reference: 21/08706/FULL

Appeal decisions

An appeal was made against Westminster Council which refused planning permission for a roof extension at Flat 2, 22 Foley Street, London W1W 6DT. The application Ref 21/05655/FULL, dated 16 August 2021, was refused 26 October 2021. The appeal has been dismissed on 17 June 2022 and the original decision by Westminster Council stands.