Westminster black bin. Used to illustrate public consultations in Westminster part of Fitzrovia.

Westminster Council validated 18 planning applications in the Fitzrovia West neighbourhood area during July 2022.

Among the applications are plans for nine “street hubs” displaying advertising on digital screens with some offering some digital services at Great Portland Street, Market Place, and Oxford Street; and air conditioning units at 57 Margaret Street, and 42 Mortimer Street.

To view the applications and make a comment, use the monthly list below and the links to the full application on the council website. There is a limited time to submit comments. If you have trouble with the link not working, use the application reference number and search Westminster’s planning website. The monthly list we publish is pulled from the council’s website and is correct at the time of publication.

Residents in the Westminster part of Fitzrovia can also seek advice on planning applications by contacting the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (email: fna@fitzrovia.org.uk).