Cleaner streets? My arse! Photo: Fitzrovia News.

What’s 10 metres long, two metres wide, and smells bad?

The Tottenham Street rubbish berg.

As of 9pm on Monday night it has been there for over a week and it is stuck fast to the pavement.

Even for Fitzrovia this is bad.

Several people have reported the foul-smelling potpourri of residential, commercial and short-letting waste dumped on the street.

“You’re gonna need a bigger bin truck”. “That’s a twenty footer!” — “Twenty five!” Photo: Fitzrovia News.

Fitzrovia News has made three reports. Early last week our first report to Camden Council using their “Love Clean Streets” app was closed with the message saying it would be “collected by rubbish and recycling crews”.

That was reassuring.

But, no. Three days later we had to report it again.

This time the response from Camden was: “Not completed. This report requires an inspection.”

Ooh! How exciting. A team of bad-ass inspectors are going to arrive! But they didn’t.

And so it continues to lie there like a rotting corpse.

It is not the first time that a huge pile of rubbish has been stuck fast to the street. Fitzrovia is famous for its filthy streets. At this year’s council elections it was the number one issue complained about to local councillors.

Earlier in the summer a similar pile of crap appeared — in the same spot. Several reports later and it disappeared after a few days.

But then it returned with a vengeance! It seems no-one wants to touch it.

And it is not just in Tottenham Street. Elsewhere people in Fitzrovia have been wasting their time by photographing and reporting shit where it is not supposed to be.

Camden parks department even got involved after no-one wanted to pick up dog poo or deal with a fly tip in Crabtree Fields.

What a shit show!

So why not waste a few minutes of your time by downloading Camden’s Love Clean Streets app and try to get it shifted?

Or maybe we should nick a van, shovel it up, and dump it outside 5 Pancras Square with a note saying “Fuck You!” and let Camden councillors smell it instead.

Update, Tuesday 23 August. As of this afternoon the rubbish berg has been removed. Let’s hope it doesn’t return.