Sign warning of CCTV and that fly tippers will be prosecuted.
Westminster Council is using CCTV and artificial intelligence to catch fly tippers in Foley Street. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

Westminster Council has installed CCTV cameras in Foley Street, Fitzrovia in an effort to thwart fly tippers at the dumping hot spot.

The cameras are located at the junction with Candover Street and signs warn of their presence and states that “Fly tippers will be prosecuted”.

“We are now working on a trial using CCTV cameras located in three dumping ‘hot spot’ areas of Westminster,” states a Westminster Council report.

“Cameras have now been installed at these locations and will send footage to the viewing platform which uses Artificial Intelligence to identify suspected fly tippers.

“If this trial is successful we will extend it across other ‘hot spots’ in the City and continue to take strong action against the rubbish dumpers.”

Rubbish and street cleaning was the number one concern of residents in Fitzrovia West according to Westminster Labour Party and Westminster Conservatives ahead of last year’s local elections.

Westminster City Council: Communities, City Management and Air Quality Policy and Scrutiny Committee, 6 March 2023. (Portfolio: City Management & Air Quality; The Report of: Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg.)

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