View looking east along Warren Street, Fitzrovia. Photos shows cycle hangar on left and streatery on right.
The cycle hangar opposite the streatery is to be moved to another part of Warren Street. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

A cycle hangar is to be moved from one part of Warren Street in Fitzrovia to another location on the street because it is repeatedly struck by drivers of motor vehicles, according to a Camden Council report.

The cycle hanger will be moved from outside number 45 to about 100m east to outside number 58 Warren Street and next to an existing cycle hangar. A single tree is also to be planted across the street.

Location drawing showing location of cycle hangar and tree planting site.
Location map of bike hangar and tree to be planted. Image: Camden Council.

The bike hangar is fully occupied with six cycles and 26 residents are on the waiting list for spaces.

“The hangar is located opposite the streatery (outdoor seating area in a suspended parking bay) outside the Smugglers Tavern public house and has been damaged on more than one occasion by [drivers of] motor vehicles.

View of damage to cycle hangar.
Damage to hangar. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

“The bike hangar is at potential risk of further damage in the future due to the street being narrow at the existing location. It is therefore recommended that the existing bike hangar be relocated as proposed where the street is significantly wider, and the risk of damage would be significantly reduced,” states the report.

However, while the bike hangar is located within the parking bay the streatery extends beyond the bay. The streatery is also showing signs of damage.

View of damage to streatery.
Damage to streatery. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

Camden has installed 237 bike hangars as of March 2023, across the Borough. There is a growing demand from residents living in high density dwellings that are common in the Borough and usually have limited space for covered and secure cycle parking.

“Waiting list data provided by Cyclehoop and Falco (the Council’s previous cycle hangar supplier) indicates that the majority of the 237 hangars installed in the Borough, so far, are fully occupied with a combined waiting list of 9,219 people. The implementation of a hangar in an area usually increases the number of requests in that locality, such is the demand for bike hangar parking,” states the report.

Camden Council, decision details. Safe and Healthy Streets: Enabling Safer Travel in Camden – Cycle Hangars Phase 8b.