Children shovel soil around base of cherry tree while a man holds the tree upright.
Head teacher Alix Ascough (centre) watches as pupils plant one of the trees. Photo: Nick Bailey.

Children from All Souls Primary School, Foley Street, took part in the planting today of three flowering cherry trees in Ogle Street, Fitzrovia, under the guidance of their headteacher, Alix Ascough. 

The ceremony was attended by Peter Ruback, chair of the Westminster Tree Trust, Mark Gazaleh, W1W Tree Planting Initiative, Councillors Patrick Lilley and Jessica Toale, Chris Colwell, Westminster’s senior arboricultural officer, and three representatives of the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum. 

Children standing around tree after it was planted. A tree officer is responding to their questions about the benefits of trees in a city.
Pupils quiz Chris Colwell, Westminster’s senior arboricultural officer (left) about the benefits of street trees. Photo: Nick Bailey.

After the planting, the children demonstrated their knowledge of “green issues” acquired in the classroom by asking Chris Colwell a series of questions about the practical benefits of trees in an urban environment. 

Label on tree says Prunus sargentii Rancho.
Prunus sargentii Rancho is a type of sargents cherry tree. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

The school is currently preparing an application for community infrastructure funding to improve the landscaping and provision of planters in their playground.