Former Sex Pistols bass player and songwriter Glen Matlock will perform at the 100 Club tonight but is struggling to find words to rhyme with “king” for an updated version of the Pistols’ anti-monarchy anthem.

Matlock is set to perform the Pistols’ 1977 hit God Save The Queen at a Coronation special gig but will apparently not be changing the words to God Save The King, because he can’t find many words to rhyme with king.

He told the Guardian that he is trying to re-work the song’s lyrics and may end up just making it up as he goes along.

Matlock is using the performance to promote his new album Consequences Coming.

The 100 Club, at 100 Oxford Street, is a long-running venue that started out as a jazz club but famously hosted a punk special in 1976.

This morning there were still tickets available for tonight’s concert.

Glen Matlock Album Launch, 7:30pm Saturday 6 MAY 2023 at the 100 club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1. Tickets £22.50.