Camden green bin. Used to illustrate public consultations.

Camden Council has registered a number of planning applications so far during May 2023 in Bloomsbury ward, which includes Fitzrovia East. (This page will be updated until this monthly list is complete.)

Among the applications in the monthly list are: signage at the Met Building 22 Percy Street; use of first floor as Class E at Sovereign House, 19-23 Fitzroy Street; single storey extension to the rear ground floor at 3 Colville Place (retrospective); extraction duct and reinstatement of former windows at 53-54 Tottenham Court Road.

To view the applications and make a comment, use the monthly list below and the links to the full application on the council website. There is a limited time to submit comments. If you have trouble with the link not working, use the application reference number and search Camden’s planning website. The monthly list we publish is pulled from the council’s website and is correct at the time of publication.

Residents in Camden may also contact the Charlotte Street Association for help and advice in responding to planning and licensing applications.

Application NumberSite AddressDevelopment DescriptionStatusDate RegisteredDecision
2023/0271/AMet Building 22 Percy Street London Camden W1T 2BU(i) Building signage and number above the podium building office entrance on Percy Street (ii) Building signage and entrance above the tower building office entrance on Percy Street (iii) Internally illuminated building sign alongside the tower entrance on Percy Street to replace the previous building signage in this location (iv) Vehicle entrance signage and cycle sign alongside the service yard entrance on Windmill StreetREGISTERED18-05-2023
2023/1697/P29 Gilbert Place London Camden WC1A 2JDConstruction of a single storey mansard roof extension, the reconfiguration of the front door arrangement and introduction of steps from pavement, the addition of three obscure glazed windows to the side elevation, the installation of slimlite double glazing into existing frames and the installation of black painted metal window boxes set within the window embrasures.REGISTERED17-05-2023
2023/1936/L33 Tavistock Square London WC1H 9EZInternal & external refurbishment of existing residential terrace building. External; new front step facing + repair and replacement and consolidation of services. Internal; layout amendments, services upgrade and upgrade to finishes & fittings.REGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1811/P21-24 Russell Square London Camden WC1B 5EADetails required by condition 9 (tree protection) of permission reference 2021/2019/P (External alterations including demolition and replacement of existing single-storey rear mews building to No.23, excavation of extended basement level and associated landscape works).REGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1767/P33 Tavistock Square London WC1H 9EZNew front step facing + repair and replacement and consolidation of services.REGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1753/PSovereign House 19-23 Fitzroy Street London W1T 4BPUse of First Floor as Class EREGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1633/LFlat 11, Whitehall 9-11 Bloomsbury Square London WC1A 2LPRemoval of internal wall between the kitchen and living room, and other minor internal alterations, and replacement of existing single glazed sashes with new double glazed units.REGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1295/PFlat 11, Whitehall 9-11 Bloomsbury Square London WC1A 2LPReplacement of existing single glazed sashes with new double glazed units.REGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1175/A12 Bury Place London Camden WC1A 2JLNon-illuminated projecting sign on front elevation.REGISTERED15-05-2023
2023/1917/LUCL Physics Building Gordon Street London WC1E 6BTRemoval and replacement of existing flooring, electrical boxing and servicing, two radiators, lighting, doors, water fountain, and ceiling tiles, blocking up of one door, installation of ACO drain, and the installation of fire safety measures and other related refurbishment works.REGISTERED12-05-2023
2023/1889/PUCL Physics Building Gordon Street London WC1E 6BTInstallation of new ACO drain by the entrance door of the Physics BuildingREGISTERED12-05-2023
2023/1861/PVLMenya Ramen House 29 Museum Street London WC1A 1LH2 Tables and 8 Chairs Monday to Sunday 12:00 – 20:00 New ApplicationFINAL DECISION10-05-2023Granted
2023/1497/P53-54 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 2EJInstallation of new extraction duct to rear of building and reinstatement of former windows.REGISTERED10-05-2023
2023/1805/PUCL Darwin Building Gower Street London WC1E 6BTReplacement of existing roof mounted chiller unit with two new chiller units and associated works at roof level.REGISTERED04-05-2023
2023/1485/P4-6 Duke’s Road London Camden WC1H 9ADChange of use from Class F1 (language school) to Class E (indoor recreation centre).REGISTERED04-05-2023
2023/0637/P3 Colville Place London W1T 2BHErection of a single storey extension to the rear ground floor.REGISTERED03-05-2023
2023/1732/LUCL Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0ALSample panels of concrete cleaning and repairs required by condition 5 part B of listed building consent ref. 2020/1567/L granted 15/06/2020 for the refurbishment and reconfiguration of selected areas of the Institute of Education comprising: repairs and installation of insulation to the external terraces; creation of a new plant room at Level 8 Wing A and installation of new louvres to serve this plant room; refurbishment and repairs to the lobby roof on level 4 and the roof at Level 10; installation of new external gate at Level 5 of Wing A; and associated worksREGISTERED02-05-2023