View of Cyclehoop cycle hangar on a street in Fitzrovia West.
Residents in Fitzrovia West are being offered a space in a cycle hangar. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

Residents in Fitzrovia West are being offered secure on-street cycle parking by Westminster Council, in the latest roll out of the scheme to enable residents to cycle more.

Theft of cycles from the street is rife in Fitzrovia and is one factor in causing people to give up cycling.

“After analysing registration of interest data for secure cycle storage across the whole of Westminster, we are proposing to install a Cyclehoop Cycle Hangar at locations identified as demand hotspots. Each of these locations will have space for six standard bicycles,” says the council.

Currently there are six cycle hangars in Fitzrovia West — all north of New Cavendish Street — and they are all full. The latest offer will double the amount of cycle storage available. Each cycle hanger is the size of half a car parking space.

In the latest round of the scheme, thirty-six cycle parking spaces will be available at six new metal hangars in four streets in Fitzrovia West: Foley Street, Great Titchfield Street, Hanson Street, and Little Portland Street.

Residents within a 25-metre radius of the proposed hangar location will receive letters with information on the proposal and how to submit their comments via email. However, you don’t have to wait for the letter as you can register your interest now by visiting the consultation webpage.

“By sharing your views, residents have an opportunity to directly influence the decision-making process and contribute to the development of an effective and inclusive solution for cycle storage. Your perspectives will be carefully considered and used to inform the final plans, helping to ensure that the cycle hangars are strategically placed and adequately meet the demands of the community,” says the council.

Following the consultation all the comments and feedback received will be analysed and locations that might be regarded not feasible will be removed from the programme.

Installations are programmed to start from late July 2023. Residents who are currently on waiting lists for this area will be contacted by the Westminster Cycle Parking Team and offered a space to rent.

The council charges £40 per year for each secure cycle space, and a refundable £25 key deposit will be required for new applications to cover the loss of keys.

Although the cycle hangars provide additional security cyclists are still advised to lock their cycle securely when stored.

Westminster Council is not yet offering secure storage for riders of larger, non-standard cycles such as cargo bikes, tricycles, hand-cycles and tandems.

Westminster City Council: Secure cycle parking consultation (closes 12 July 2023).