Author Stephen Oram holding up a copy of his new book Extracting Humanity.
Stephen Oram is releasing a collection of near-future short stories. Photo: Penn Smith.

Local author Stephen Oram has a new collection of near-future short stories out this month and will be speaking about the book at a launch event.

Extracting Humanity, published by Orchid’s Lantern Press, is a collection of stories which blends cutting-edge science and tech with everyday emotions and values.

Oram attributes much of the urban grittiness and the optimism about humanity in his writing to living in Fitzrovia.

“The noise, the bustle, and the diverse community all provide a particular influence when I sit down to construct my next near-future world,” he says.

Some of the stories in Extracting Humanity are from “Applied Science Fiction” projects with King’s College London, most notably a research project into using AI to predict the future mental health of children.

Extracting Humanity And Other Stories, by Stephen Oram is published on 27 July 2023.

Extracting Humanity — Stephen Oram in conversation with Dr Christine Aicardi, moderated by Luke Robert Mason. 6.30pm 27 July 2023, at Burley Fisher Books, Haggerston, London E8 4AA – free, but you do need to reserve a place. You can find out more about Extracting Humanity, where to buy it, and how to book a ticket for the launch event at

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