Image shows man standing beside a large photomontage.
Fitzrovia Noir 2008-2023. Image: Fitzrovia Noir.

A creative group that started out as a project to photograph the closure of the Middlesex Hospital is celebrating 15 years of producing art installations, with an intimate retrospective exhibition for one day only in September.

Fitzrovia Noir formed when visual artists Lucy Williams and Garry Hunter met as contributors to an immersive theatre work at an abandoned factory in Leytonstone.

Hunter was a long-time resident of Fitzrovia and Williams had been born there at the Middlesex Hospital. When the 250 year old hospital was scheduled to be demolished, they gained permission to document its demise with fine artist Graham Carrick, photographer Peter Mackertich and audio-visual artist Pamela Furness.

This resulted in a unique collaborative project spanning painting, film, found object, portrait photography and projections entitled “Memory and Demolition” — and the birth of Fitzrovia Noir.

Since then then Fitzrovia Noir has produced more than 100 art installations.

Fitzrovia Noir: 15 Years 2008-2023. 1pm to 4pm, Saturday 2 September 2023, at a venue in Fitzrovia. Email to be invited to the exhibition.