Side view of rubbish and recycling collection lorry in Fitzrovia.
Veolia, Camden’s contractor, is responsible for rubbish collection, recycling and street cleaning. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

Spare a thought for the workers who have the miserable job of picking up the filth and broken bags that are strewn around Fitzrovia’s streets every day, and tell Camden Council and its contractor Veolia how it could improve its recycling, rubbish and street cleaning services.

Camden wants your view on how to make sure the borough is a “green, clean and sustainable place”.

“We provide a variety of waste management services in Camden, including recycling, rubbish and food waste collections, and street cleaning. As well as these key services, garden waste and bulky items can also be collected for a fee, with free or discounted collections for residents who are aged over 65 or receive 100 percent council tax support,” says the council.

The street cleaning service is also responsible for clearing leaves in the autumn, gritting streets in the winter, and collecting discarded Christmas trees.

Camden claims to be “tough on people who disrupt our streets with fly-tipping” and that “council services are responsive in keeping our streets clean”.

Residents and business people are asked to help report fly-tipping, graffiti and other street cleaning issues by downloading its Love Clean Streets app for smart phones.

“We are also working with our communities and local businesses to trial new ways to increase recycling and improve the cleanliness of our streets. This is all part of our ongoing efforts to be a low waste borough where we’re all working together to tackle the climate emergency,” says Camden.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and the responses will be used to improve the service.

Public consultation: Recycling, rubbish and street cleaning services in Camden. Closes 24 September 2023.

Camden Council: rubbish and recycling information for residents and businesses.