Front cover of draft Westminster Housing Compensation Policy document.
Westminster Council wants housing tenants’ and leaseholders’ views on a new draft Housing Compensation Policy. Image: Westminster Council

Westminster Council wants its housing tenants and leaseholders to give their views on a new draft of its Housing Compensation Policy, which aims to improve the way the local authority makes amends to residents when it fails to deliver a service.

“We strive to deliver the best possible housing services to our residents, but we know that sometimes things go wrong,” states the council.

“That’s why we are proposing a new Housing Compensation Policy for Westminster Housing tenants and leaseholders. The policy aims to provide a fairer approach to how we assess and award compensation for your home when we fail to deliver a service.”

Westminster says it wants to make the process of assessing compensation as simple and as quick as possible, to make it easier for residents to claim, and to ensure that the council listens and learns from the responses.

Housing Compensation Policy Consultation. The survey is only open to Westminster City Council tenants and leaseholders and will remain open until Sunday 8 October 2023.