Rare site: an election poster in a window near Fitzroy Square.

By News Reporters

Fitzrovia’s voters seem to be shy of showing their political allegiance, yet keen to take part in debate. Perhaps there are a lot of floating voters who have yet to make up their minds. A survey of Fitzrovia by Fitzrovia News revealed very few election posters on display. Candidates out canvassing have also reported difficulties in talking to residents who are reluctant to answer their door. One candidate said: ” I spend a lot of time on the pavement looking upwards to an open window with someone leaning out.”

Yet interest in local politics has been very high with the two hustings held in Fitzrovia being packed out. The Bloomsbury ward hustings, held on 20 April was attended by more than 50 people, which was more than the number at the Holborn & St Pancras parliamentary hustings held recently at St Pancras International. Informal hustings for Westminster City Council candidates held at the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre on 27 April were also a great success with more than 30 people attending thoughout the evening.

The turnout for the election is likely to be quite high because both local and general elections are on the same day. With fewer than 200 votes seperating the top six candidates in Bloomsbury ward at the last local election in 2006, candidates know that every extra vote is important. In 2006 there was a recount to decide the result of the Bloomsbury ward.

With no Labour candidates standing in Marylebone High Street ward, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats are looking to make gains in their vote. But with Fitzrovia’s voters reluctant to declare their intentions it’s difficult to predict any outcome. But we can confidently say that there won’t be any Labour councillors in Marylebone High Street ward.

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  1. If some of the candidates look up, they will find the odd sign here and there on windows above the ground floor.

    I do however agree that overall Fitzrovian’s don’t seem to want to display their political intentions.

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