By William Robert Lee

William outside in Goodge Street, Fitzrovia
Outside Be Marvelous Jewellery, Goodge Street, William wonders where to go for lunch

Since opening the Be Marvellous Jewellery shop on Goodge Street in June, one of the first things I noticed was that it was sat snugly between two Italian restaurants. Not only that, but a Chinese Buffet a further two doors down and a Japanese restaurant directly opposite.

As one who very much likes to eat out, I was also pleased to find that Fitzrovia is home to dozens of restaurants. Something I was keen to start sampling as soon as possible. But apart from all these wonderful eateries there is much to choose from come lunchtime.

One such place I found myself in is Dough Masters at 20 Charlotte Street: a small family run business established in 1995. I stumbled across it purely by chance one day on my way to the printers and I must say there has hardly been a day go by that I havn’t eaten there.

The thing that struck me on my first visit was the friendliness of the staff and I’m usually greeted by Mary and owner Fara.

The menu is made up of their very own hand made stone-cooked bread, cooked on their award winning mini top oven. The dough is prepared fresh daily on the premises by Mary, it’s then rolled out flat and looks like a small pizza base which is then filled with your own choice of filling chosen from an extensive menu once cooked it is then wrapped and cut in two.

I’m not a meat eater so I am slowly and happily working my way through the extensive vegetarian menu something not always easy to find. So far my favourite has to be the vegetarian sausage, mustard, tomato, onion and cheese wrap priced at £3.75.

Another popular choice, which I have on good authority is the herb chicken and aubergine wrap at £4.35.

There is also a selection of healthy juice drinks, fruit, various flapjacks, cookies and chocolate bars. Something to suit every body.

And if like me you love your café latte you will know the lengths we will go to find a decent one. At £1.75 the Dough Masters latte gets my thumbs up for great taste and great value.

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  1. Looks good – I’ll have to pop in!

    Much better than that horrible Chicken Cottage that’s about to open on Goodge Street – what a shame! The low-quality food and garish signage totally detracts from the area.

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