By Angela Lovely

The Circle Line. Maps on the new cycle hire station in Charlotte Street have been installed the wrong way round.

The new cycle hire station on Charlotte Street  has the maps on the wrong way round. Cyclists are directed west to Bloomsbury where they will actually end up in Marylebone, and directed east to Fitzroy Square where they’ll actually end up in Russell Square; and directed north to Soho where they’ll actually end up in Camden Town.

The maps have already caused confusion because they are based on the Legible London maps which are designed for walkers. But the network of one way streets is not shown on the these maps. Transport for London actually produce cycling maps which show one way streets but these haven’t been used on the cycle hire scheme due to what appears to have been a clerical error. Other mistakes have also crept in. Confusing signs for cyclists and pedestrians.

One reply on “Going round on the circle line on Bozza’s bikes”

  1. As if that was not bad enough, most people using the bikes will not be familiar with the one ways etc.

    Because the maps look official people will take them seriously. Shame no-one at City Hall took the trouble to get this right.

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