By Linus Rees

"No to ConDem cuts in Camden" reads a placards
"No to ConDem cuts in Camden!" reads a placard as hundreds of protesters block the Euston Road outside Camden Town hall. An ambulance is allowed to pass through the demonstration.

Hundreds of demonstrators blocked the Euston Road for over an hour tonight (Monday 28 February) in a protest outside Camden Town hall. Councillors were meeting inside to agree a budget which would mean fewer services funded in Camden.

Students joined council workers and community organisations in solidarity against the cuts being proposed. Labour controlled Camden have defended the cuts being made and have blamed the Conservative and Lib-Dem coalition government for imposing budget limits.

Protesters have accused Camden of not standing up to the government and have criticised the nature of the cuts. Members of community organisations across Camden were at the demonstration including Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association and Holborn Community Association.

Clear message form Natalie Bennett of nearby Somers Town
Clear message from Natalie Bennett of nearby Somers Town

Fitzrovia members fear cuts to existing grants when a decision is taken by councillors in September. Holborn meanwhile have already been told of cuts to older people’s services which will mean the closure of their Millman Street centre. Older people’s provision at the Surma Centre in Regents Park estate is also under threat. There is concern across the borough about youth provision and meals on wheels for older people being cut.

The protesters allowed emergency vehicles to pass through the junction of Euston Road and Judd Street (pictured).

In a lighter moment during the demonstration a council officer came outside to make an announcement but had to borrow a loud hailer from one of the demonstrators. A police officer is heard to say “Thank you for the loan.”

The Camden New Journal’s Richard Osley was in the thick of it reporting from inside the chamber during the debate: “Theo up again, jacket off, sleeves rolled up: ‘We are being forced to do it'” he tweeted at one point.

Osley’s last comment was “Labour cuts budget gets through safely. No surprise. Last knockings of meeting now. Won’t get to ‘Theo should resign’ motion.”


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  1. Once the demonstrators shut-down Euston Road the police finally gave-in and agreed the public could be allowed into the public gallery of the meeting, (which after all they were breaking the law by not allowing the public into). The Euston Road demo broke up only to find that the police had lied and after letting in only a few people refused entry to anyone else.
    The Police have done themselves no favours in the eyes of Camden workers and residents. I’m sure they will see this as there will be no sympathy when it comes to their own cuts and their own need to protest in the very near future. We can then all sit back and ignore there plight! I’ll even have a little chuckle myself.

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