By Linus Rees

Man and woman cycling along New Cavendish Street
Everyday cycling in Fitzrovia.

More people would cycle in and around Fitzrovia if there were more segregated cycle paths and better cycle parking facilities, according to a questionnaire currently running. The survey asked people to answer nine questions about cycling and walking in Fitzrovia.

The same survey found that many people enjoy walking but that there is room for improvement in making the street environment more pleasant for walkers. 

People were questioned on a website over two weeks from the start of April and asked about walking, cycling and other transport. Research and marketing company One Deep Breath want to understand “what influences and prevents people from walking and cycling in Fitzrovia”.

The research is being conducted on behalf of Camden Council. Respondents to the survey have a chance to win one of 10 iPod Nanos.

The survey ends on Monday 18 April and you can take part in it here.

2 replies on “More people would cycle if there were better facilities say survey respondents”

  1. A typical example of “give ’em a yard and they’ll want a mile”. Cyclists are already the most ridiculously over-privileged road users and the most undisciplined. They are bad enough when they deign to stay on the road and positively obnoxious when they decide instead to ride on the pavement.

    They should given given fewer facilities, not more.

    I do not understand why cyclists – the only group of vehicle drivers allowed on the roads without a driving licence or insurance – are so coddled and their misdemeanors are so ignored by the police.

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