By Captain Gripper

Life in Cleveland Street is different from the days revisited in the musical about the brothel and the Telegraph Boys. Not quite so exciting.

The Cleveland Mansion blocks rarely saw sunshine or much daylight whilst the Middlesex Hospital towered over them. Now we enjoy a view over a wasteland and some lovely sunsets, and the owners are refurbishing our homes.

The flats will be re-wired and energy-efficient boilers have replaced the ones that sounded like they were about to explode.  But we will lose some ceiling height as the rooms are upgraded to modern standards of sound- and fire-proofing, and large fitted kitchens will encroach into our living space.

With a bit more design thought, better use could have been made of the space.  But before the end of the year the three blocks will look a lot brighter on the outside with the decades of grime removed from the brickwork.

Not quite fit for a prince, but far from a scandal.

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