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Illustration of Fitzrovia and Marylebone
Fitzrovia features in one of the 21 walks in this illustrated guide. Illustration: Badaude.

Fitzrovia is featured in an unusual new walking guide to London. It consists of a collection of hand drawn illustrations by Badaude who writes and illustrates a weekly column in the Times.

Along with 21 London walks there are suggested bus and boat trips.

Badaude is a pseudonym of writer and illustrator Joanna Walsh. In French a Badaude is a person given to idle observation of everything.

She writes a blog at and her work appears regularly in the Guardian and The Idler.

London Walks, by Badaude.
56 pp, 48 black-and-white illustrations, ISBN 978 1 85437 938 2: £8.99 Available from Tate Bookshop.

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  1. Compare these amazing illustrations with the maps at the Hand_Drawn London exhibition (at the Museum of London). Not a fair comparison of course, because those were submitted by readers of and vary hugely in quality, but they’re interesting in the same way.

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