The artwork on a wall in Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia, has now been confirmed as a genuine Banksy after the artist’s official website published a picture of it along with his other works.

Part of Banksy's website showing outdoor works.
The mural on Clipstone Street is now pictured on Banksy’s official website.

The “If graffiti changed anything – it would be illegal” work was the subject of much speculation about whether it was actually the work of Banksy.

The mural had appeared overnight on  Easter Monday. There was then a local campaign to save it from being removed by Westminster City Council whose policy it is to remove graffiti.

But before Westminster City Council could get their Karcher machine to work on it, a mystery benefactor covered the mural with a protective sheet of perspex.

The council previously ordered the removal of the “One nation under CCTV” mural in Newman Street, Fitzrovia, stating that they saw no difference between Banksy’s work and vandalism.

Today it is has also been revealed that Banksy has produced another mural making a comment about recently convicted graffiti artist Daniel Halpin, also know as Tox. It appeared on a wall on the corner of Jeffrey’s Road and Kentish Town Road in Camden.

Banksy has also paid tribute to peace campaigner Brian Haw. See

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