By Max Neufeld

Part of a councillors' newsletter.
A new park for Fitzrovia is supported by Bloomsbury councillors, but it wasn't their idea.

It is unfortunate that in their newsletter Bloomsbury ward councillors found it necessary to claim credit for the idea to turn Alfred Place into an open space.

For the record, the Charlotte Street Association initiated the proposal for an Area Action Plan for Fitzrovia and as part of the ongoing development of that plan identified Alfred Place and Mortimer Market as suitable locations to turn surplus road space into public open space.

We are pleased that our councillors support the proposal. We will only achieve real gains in Fitzrovia through close collaboration between community groups and councillors.

We now look to members to carry forward the proposal for Alfred Place and similar for early implementation for which if successful they will get well deserved credit and the appreciation of the community.

So let’s work together to make these proposals a reality. Let Alfred Place bloom!

Max Neufeld is secretary of the Charlotte Street Association.

One reply on “Your support for open space in Fitzrovia is welcomed. But please don’t claim credit for the idea”

  1. It is a shame that Max has not chosen to speak with me before drafting and posting this publicly, especially since we work together on so many other things, nor even to inform me of this article. He has my private mobile number after all!

    There is no monopoly on ideas. The idea of turning Alfred Place into a park did in fact come to me while strolling along it one weekend afternoon over a year ago, as I noted how wide it was and already afforded trees at the northern end. The CSA had never lobbied or raised this idea with me (and still has not done so specifically).

    It is true the CSA proposed the Area Action Plan, but we lobbied internally within the council, speaking to neighbouring ward councillor and relevant cabinet portfolio holder Sue Vincent to make sure this became a reality.

    We will indeed only achieve real gains in Fitzrovia through working together, but we will work together more effectively if we take the time to speak to each other in an open manner rather than resort to unfounded public criticism.

    Adam Harrison
    Bloomsbury ward councillor and Fitzrovia resident

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