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Three tenants served with a request for a huge rent rise by landlords UCLH Charity were yesterday (14 March) pleased to hear that the valuation officer rejected the landlord’s request. UCLH Charity had wanted a doubling or tripling of rent (as previously reported), but the valuation officer wrote to the tenants stating that a decision had been made and that their rents would rise at a rate closer to that of inflation.

All the tenants live at Cleveland Residences on Cleveland Street in Fitzrovia and have had long-term tenancies.

The decision by the valuation officer brought an end to over a month of uncertainty and worry for the tenants who feared being priced out and losing their homes. The tenants were supported by the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association, Camden Federation of Private Tenants and with support from Camden Council’s housing advice service.

UCLH Charity have the right to appeal the valuation office decision.

3 replies on “Tenants win battle against huge rent hikes”

  1. How marvellous to hear this news!
    especially since there are others in
    the private sector who have not been
    so lucky. Well done CFPT – who have
    also been awarded a reprieve – & to
    the FNA for their hard work.


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