By Angela Lovely

There’s this guy and he helps this woman for a brief moment on Charlotte Street. Their eyes meet, then she’s gone. But somehow he’s left with her disposable camera. He develops the film and looks at the pictures… and he sees something.

Danny Wallace’s new novel introduces Jason Priestly — man without a girlfriend and who lives in Kings Cross next door to what people thought was a brothel. From this chance encounter his dull life is turned around and he finds himself on a mission tracking down a woman with the help of the clues he’s got from the film developed from the camera.

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace is published today by Ebury.

2 replies on “Looking at someone else’s photos on Charlotte Street”

  1. Now that sounds like a very interesting novel and look forward to reading it. The video of Charlotte Street is also very good and Danny added further interest in reading his book. I hope he does well with it.

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