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Shopping trolley.
Our restored distribution trolley.

Fitzrovia News is proud to announce its new fleet of zero-carbon newspaper distribution vehicles. Our new human-powered-vehicle allows us to deliver bulk bundles of newspapers throughout Fitzrovia, quietly and efficiently.

This vintage Marketeer shopping trolley was dumped as waste in Foley Street. We retrieved it this morning and it has been quickly refurbished and restored and put back into use by our team of volunteers.

It has four wheels and a flip top and we’re pretty sure it’ll keep out most of the rain. We’ve also been assured that it is suitable for use in a conservation area.

We distribute bulk bundles of Fitzrovia News to many public places in Fitzrovia from chip shops, doctor’s surgeries, shops, pubs, cafes, and other public places so that everyone has a chance to enjoy reading Fitzrovia’s best-loved local paper.

So look out for the red trolley in a street near you. And if don’t get the chance to pick up a copy, you can always read it online here.

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