By Hannah Pressman

Black cat.
Gungo returns to Scala Street.

There was heart warming news for Fitzrovia residents with the return of Scala Street’s black cat, Gungo.

Many of you will have seen, over the last months, the forlorn posters adorning lamp posts and trees, in local windows and doorways.

If you live in a high-rise apartment you may be familiar with the sight of him stalking the rooftops or ascending trees and drainpipes, but for six months he was absent without leave, and sorely missed by everyone but the mice. 

A ray of hope was given when Jack Fawdry, Gungo’s owner, received a call from an observant stranger proclaiming the cat to be in the Marylebone area. This led to a surge of new posters which luckily caught the eye of two builders.

They informed Marylebone resident Eddie, whose cat they recognised as the much-loved and missing pet. Eddie had kindly been caring for Gungo for five weeks, and quickly arranged for him to be brought home.

Another local figure who was thrilled at Gungo’s return is Haggis, the west highland terrier-poodle cross, who you most probably will have been greeted by upon entering Pollock’s Toy Museum. The two animals have been firm friends since Gungo was a kitten, and some might say they are related (both of their owners being of the Fawdry family).

Many people are to thank for this happy reunion, in particular Eddie, the builders who showed him the poster, the mysterious stranger, but also all of the local businesses who kept their posters up when hope seemed almost lost.

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