Stencil image by street artist Bambi.
Bambi’s Rude Pope stencilled on a wall in Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia. One of 12 painted in London.


Nearly two years after Banksy sprayed If Graffiti Changed Anything on a wall in Clipstone Street another well-known stencil artist has added her work on the same wall.

One of 12 Rude Popes in London painted by the street artist Bambi has been stencilled on top of the protective perspex covering Banksy’s 2011 artwork If Graffiti Changed Anything.

Bambi tweeted last week that she had painted 12 Rude Popes in London:

And one of the 12 Rude Popes appears on

Rude Pope depicts an image of Pope Benedict XVI, who stepped down in February this year, sticking two fingers up in a rude gesture.

The anonymous artist exhibited last November at Walton Fine Arts in Knightsbridge.

Banksy artwork on wall saying: If Graffiti Changed Anything.
Banksy’s artwork was covered with perspex

Banksy’s original artwork on the wall in Fitzrovia was covered in a protective perspex sheet by an anonymous admirer but the stencilled art has decayed over the last two years. The wall has attracted other graffiti as well as the latest by Bambi. It was feared Westminster Council would whitewash over the artwork.

14 replies on “Bambi sprays Rude Pope next to Banksy’s If Graffiti Changed Anything”

  1. You’re just a card board disney cut out of banksy …

    I mean , bambi ?

    ( Its not shocking / funny – its more secretarian it comes across ) just my opinion !

    Name alone really says where you want to head little lady

    Acid springs to mind for some reason

    Usually I’d support a female artist but something tells me you are pretty fake .

    All for the ritz + glitz while wanting anonymity

    Anonymity hasn’t got you here

    Banksy name has

    May you prove me wrong

    But its like robbo cashing in on his old infamous ole street name by using banksy’s name +drama to get there .

    Sad really

  2. I’m bored of all these people throwing negative comments about Bambi just for the sake of it – artists have the right of being who they are and so do human beings in general.

    1. Artists don’t necessarily have to make social commentary in 2013. You have internet for this.

    2. They don’t necessarily have to be witty or smart. Go watch comedy or a cool movie or look at Banksy’s pieces once more.

    3. We live in an era when art (music and cinema included) is nearly 100% referential. Embrace this, welcome to 2013. Times might change again, but it’s not 1990 anymore.

    4. She definitely has her own style.. There’s plenty of other street artists out there who are much more blatantly similar to Banksy then she is.

    By the way, I think Banksy is a genius. And I totally adore his work. I like Bambi too, for different reasons and in a different way, just like I enjoy listening to Radiohead or Rachmaninoff at home but i don’t mind Rihanna when I’m in a club having drinks. Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using the media and internet to publicize your work – even in a blatant way. This is also a part of the work for artists in 2013, and for her to be successful in doing so is a plus rather than something deplorable.

  3. Pointless derivative crap trying to leach off a burned-out concept. And there is loads of great art that isn’t referential – another internet “expert” talking crap.

    And Robbo had no style.

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