Motor scooter on ground with police standing nearby.
Scene of the crash. Police cordoned off the junction of Goodge Street and Charlotte Street.

By News Reporters

A man working at a popular pizza restaurant on the corner of Goodge Street and Charlotte Street helped detain one of two men who had earlier robbed Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. 

Many national newspapers are covering the story this morning. The Times reported that Mohamed Hussein, 29, an Egyptian student of law who works at Icco on Goodge Street wrestled one of the men to the ground after the scooter they were making their getaway on crashed.

The Times described Mr Hussein as an ex-boxer and having a striking resemblance to the Hollywood action hero Vin Diesel.

Mr Hussein told The Times: “Some other guys helped me hold him, while we waited for the police. I wasn’t worried,” he said. “I used to do boxing.”

The raid on Selfridges took place about 8.30pm on Thursday 30 minutes before the store was due to shut. Two men are reported to have smashed glass cabinets containing watches and others items and then escaped on a motor scooter. They headed east through the streets of Marylebone ending up minutes later hurtling through Fitzrovia eventually crashing at the junction of Goodge Street and Charlotte Street.

Members of the public and people working on the street corner noticed a bag of watches fall from the scooter. Witnesses reported seeing one of the robbers trying to run off but he was wrestled to the ground after Mr Hussein ran out of the Icco restaurant and pinned him to the ground.

Staff at Icco told Fitzrovia News that Mr Hussein works part-time in the evenings is a big strong guy but mild-mannered and friendly.

43 Goodge Street, London, Greater London W1T 1TA, UK

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  1. Well done, Mohamed Hussein and the people that helped him.

    Imagine these thieving losers’ hurtling along Goodge Street on their mopeds whilst wearing their burkas; that treacherous junction with Charlotte Street was just too much for them.

  2. There you go ….a Muslim Hero Named Mohammed , a good member of the community , making a living wile studying law , putting his personal safety in danger for his society …..We arent all terrorists dear British people ..:))

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