Shopfront at 11 Rathbone Place.
Electric Space, 11 Rathbone Place. Photo: Fitzrovia News.

Electric Current Works Limited has (again) submitted an application for a minor variation of the premises licence at Electric Space, 11 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia.

The applicants state: “The premises licence for Electric Space, 11 Rathbone Place has now been transferred from the AllBright Collective to the Electric Current Works limited. Both are private members’ clubs and Electric Current Works will operate the premises licence as such.

“This application is to remove two conditions which refer directly to the previous licence holder by name and will be replaced with our offered conditions. We feel that the slight change in these conditions would have no impact on the licensing objectives as we will only be altering the licence holders name and not the integrity of the conditions.”

The applicants also seek to increase the capacity of the premises from 170 to 200.

A previous application by the same applicant was refused by Westminster Council after a number of objections were received.

To view the details of the application and to make a comment, see the application on Westminster Council’s website.

21/06488/LIPVM, Basement To Third Floor .11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR.

The last date for making a representation is 16 July 2021.

Residents in the City of Westminster can make use of free advice from the Licensing Advice Project at Citizens Advice Westminster, and should also contact the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association with any comments they wish to make.

Update 23 July 2021: This application was refused.