An artistic-political group called Artists for Democracy had a gallery in a squatted building at 143 Whitfield Street from January 1975 to August 1977. At the time many buildings in Fitzrovia were derelict and dilapidated as the above archive photo taken in 1979 illustrates.

The gallery, known as the Fitzrovia Cultural Centre, was set up by Sylvia Stevens, who lived nearby at 68 Warren Street. Artist David Medalla ran it and lived upstairs, with various other artists. 

A reader contacted us over the summer after seeing an article in a past issue of Fitzrovia News (issue 122, Autumn 2011, page 11) about the death of scientist George Price that mentioned the gallery.

The reader is currently carrying out research into Artists for Democracy and got in touch to ask if any of our readers might have recollections of the group and their Whitfield Street gallery.

If you do have any information about the group and the gallery please get in touch with us using the form below, or email us at